Market/Salary/Talent Mapping

Market Mapping

This service will entail a comprehensive mapping of targeted companies or competitors – identifying set criteria (For example mapping the entire technical R&D team).

Such information can be used in business planning on gaps when compared with team set up of competitors. It is also helpful for new companies entering into a new market/country. By analysing the market landscape, companies can be made aware of any insights, networks and potential talents that can be of value.

The nature of market mapping projects is varied based on client’s need.

  • Understanding your competitors team
  • Benchmarking example skill set internally based on market norm
  • Creating JD and define scope for a position based on market norm
  • Understanding a company org chart for business growth planning

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Salary Mapping

This service is used when a client is keen to understand the market in salary benchmarking for a particular role or function.

This is often used in HR review and justification for re-adjustment of salary to attract the best talents.

The real time information is also meaningful when an organisation would like to understand if they are paying appropriately in key talents retention planning. Or for a new company/new team set up, which needs a sense of the current market condition in designing C&B structure, for example when benchmarking against their competitors.

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Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is used by companies for short, medium and long term planning on talent acquisition.

Talent mapping enables real time market intelligence to be used as a benchmark for business planning purposes. It allows companies to use the information for talent pipeline planning, in order to gain understanding over competitors. It is often use for critical hiring or succession planning.

Information collected will allow clients to have realistic alignments on market talents, or talents available from competitors. Used for strategic business planning, it allows for proactiveness in strategic hiring over a period of time, by identifying experience, capabilities, and potential of individual talents in the market. Hence, aligning with the growth plan and talent gaps.

We also have a type of assignment whereby a client seeks to proactively find out if competitors’ talent will be interested in joining them or to gauge perception towards the client. This can be used as a branding exercise and helps clients to identify how best to attract good talents.

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