Contingent Search

Contingent Search

A contingency search identifies candidates who are unemployed or actively looking for new jobs. At Forward Search Consulting, we tapped into our retainer expertise to incorporate our approaches into contingency searches.

We seek out passive candidates and use in-depth engagement for relevant targeted potential candidates to understand their experiences in depth, similarly to the retainer assessment. We also maintain an industry network in various sectors to enable our sourcing to be timely and effective.

We deploy competency-based interviewing practices which best match the culture and needs of the client. Engagement with candidates via video conference or face-to-face whenever possible are standard operational procedures. A summary assessment report is part of the deliverable – with updates on market landscape and availability of talents when needed to facilitate hiring decisions.

There is a long-term working relationship with clients to close up on gaps, and align on directions based on the intelligence gathered during the search in real time (3 days to 2 weeks).

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