Women's Bamboo Reversible Yoga Pants - Inner Balance (Black Paloma, Small) Luxury Activewear for Her WB1203-BLP-S

XX-Large-Black Paloma


XX-Large-Charcoal Paloma

XX-Large-Gray Castlerock

Product Description

A wardrobe essential, these reversible waist yoga pants are perfect for all your active and leisure activities. Great for any season and any occasion. Makes a great gift.


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Triple waistband on the outside and single wide panel waistband on the inside. Snug and contoured fit through the hip and thigh and loose beyond the knee with a wider leg opening. Design and construction delivers just the right amount of compression.
Features hidden key pocket at waistband. Tagless labels and flatlock seams provide comfort and prevent chafing. Highly opaque fabric ensures modesty and comfort.
Fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, temperature regulating, and hypoallergenic - perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Bamboo plant is organically sustainable, biodegradable, grows naturally, and has a very low water footprint
Machine wash cold with like colors. Delicate cycle. Stretch in length and hang to dry. Imported.
Brand : TexereSilk
Item model num : WB1203-BLP-S

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